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Pigs may lead to new disease therapies

Dr. Stice and his new friends

Georgia FACES, a publication of the UGA College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, reported that GRA Eminent Scholar Steve Stice and colleague Franklin West have  introduced to the world 13 pigs that may hold the keys to new therapies to treat human diseases, including diabetes.  According to Stice, “We now for the first time have a method to make pigs that can be a source of cells and organs for regenerative medicine in a meaningful way.”  The technique – induced pluripotent stem cells – had previously been shown to make live offspring only in mice.

 “Although induced pluripotent stem cell technology was first successful in mice, the mouse isn’t always a good model to study human disease and mice are not a good source of tissue and organs for therapy,” Stice said.  “Pigs are often the best way to go.”    Read more >


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