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Dalton study reveals stem cell “wiring”

According to a report in, research directed by GRA Eminent Scholar Steve Dalton at the University of Georgia “creates the first ever blueprint of how stem cells are wired to respond to the external signaling molecules to which they are constantly exposed.”  The report goes on to say, “The finding, which reconciles years of conflicting results from labs across the world, gives scientists the ability to precisely control the development, or differentiation, of stem cells into specific cell types.”

Commenting on the importance of the work, Marion X Zatz of the National Institutes of Health said, “This framework should not only advance a fundamental understanding of embryonic development, but facilitate the use of stem cells in regenerative medicine.”  Zatz oversees cell biology grants for the NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences.  More here>

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Green tea gum may help dry mouth

Georgia Health Sciences University researcher Stephen Hsu is seeing green. 

His GRA VentureLab company, Camellix, is giving out free samples of  green-tea based MighTeaFlow gum, which he and his team developed and studied in the laboratory.  The gum delivers the green tea component EGCG, a potent anti-oxidant, and Jaborandi leaf.  Based on Hsu’s laboratory studies, the combination appears to protect the salivary gland cells and naturally stimulate saliva production. Hsu believes the gum could prove to be an all-natural alternative treatment for dry mouth, which may affect as many as
50 million people in the U.S.  The company is also working on a mouthwash, a toothpaste and even a dandruff shampoo, which will use oil-based EGCG and will eliminate harsh ingredients like sulfur and coal tar found in most dandruff shampoos.  Read more here>

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