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Axion BioSystems honored by SBA

Axion BioSystems, a GRA VentureLab company, was one of 18 small businesses nationwide to receive a 2012 Tibbetts Award from the Small Business Administration.  The award honors small businesses for their success in driving innovation and creating new jobs and for the critical role they play in research and development for the government.

Axion BioSystems specializes in neural interfacing technologies with wide applicability to the research, clinical, and drug discovery markets. The company’s proprietary technology, initially developed at Georgia Tech,  allows simultaneous stimulation and recording of neural tissue—an industry first—and includes low-power chips that service thousands of channels. 

The Tibbetts Awards are presented to companies that participate in the Small Business Innovation Research program and are “beacons of promise and models of excellence in high technology.”   See SBA Announcement>

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Pioneering immunologist Max Cooper honored

GRA Eminent Scholar Max Cooper was selected for the Dean’s Distinguished Faculty Award of the Emory University School of Medicine (SOM), presented April 23.  In presenting the award, Thomas Lawley, SOM Dean, commented that Dr. Cooper is one of the most influential immunologists in the world and that his discoveries have fundamentally changed our understanding of adaptive immunity.

To learn more about Dr. Cooper and his work, read Quentin Eastman’s blog on Dr. Cooper’s Distinguished Faculty Lecture associated with the award.

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Baxter picks Georgia for new manufacturing facility

Baxter International Inc. has announced that it will build a new plasma products manufacturing plant just east of Atlanta, which, when completed, will employ 1,500 workers.  The Baxter recruitment is a major step in Georgia’s efforts to build its life sciences industry.  A combination of incentives, the availability of superior logistics support and access to the state’s leading research universities all played a role in the company’s decision.   Read more here>

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GRA Eminent Scholars collaborate to treat deadly pulmonary disease

GRA Eminent Scholars Jian-Dong Li and Binghe Wang at Georgia State University were leaders of an international team of researchers who have found a key component in the pathological process of pulmonary fibrosis, a fatal disease for which there is no cure.  American Lung Association data show that 140,000 Americans have been diagnosed with the disease, in which a patient’s ability to breath lessens over time.  Many patients live only 3-5 years after diagnosis.

The scientists identified a key gene, CLYD, that serves a vital role in halting disease progression.  According to Li, “In some patients, CLYD does not function as it should or its protein level is lower than in normal individuals.  If this does happen, the human tissue repairing response can go out of control, leading to the development of fibrosis.”

Li directs the GSU Center for Inflammation, Immunity and Infection; Wang heads the GSU Center for Diagnostics and Therapeutics.  GRA Distinguished Investigator Jae Hyang Lim at GSU also participated in the study along with researchers from universities in New York, Illinois, Texas, Japan, China and South Korea.  Read more here>

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